Facts About Bee Removal

Most of us don’t like bees and for good reason. But when a hornet’s nest or a nest of Africanized honeybees are on or near our home, then it’s more than just a nuisance. In such a situation it really is best to get a professional service to remove them. Here we’ll take a look at the best way to do that.

Why It’s Important To Completely Remove The Hive

Once you find a hive that needs to be removed, its usually best not to try and do it on your own. You’ll want to call on a bee removal expert and have them inspect your property to help you determine what you should do. When the hive is to be removed it’s very important to get all of it because if even a small part of the hive is left, it will attract other bees to build a nest there.

If the professional removal service you’ve contacted is a good service, then the first thing they’ll do is to dispose of the hive and then they will actually capture any bees that remain. It is possible to kill the bees with a spray but the hive itself has to be removed manually. Once that is accomplished then it will be necessary to take preventative measures to stop future infestations.

For most bees, places that are dark and cool are most prized and this is why they will often build nests in basements and garages and other similar areas. If you have any gaps in the concrete or brick walls you should fill them in as these could be an area for bees to build a nest. If you happen to notice the bees are coming and going from a particular area it’s one that will need to be inspected. It’s likely they have already built the nest there.

Never Attempt To Handle Bees Without Being Sufficiently Covered

If you decide to try and perform the bee removal yourself it’s very important that you effectively cover all of your body’s exposed parts to protect against potential stings. Your clothes will need to be thick in nature and you should wear long pants and long sleeves along with boots. You will also want to put on gloves as well as eyewear and a complete cover for your head and face.

Even for those who do not have any known allergies to bee stings, it’s still risky when dealing with certain types such as hornets and Africanized honey bees. Both of these bees will often attack with large groups from the nest and the amount of stings makes them more dangerous. The Africanized bees are also known as killer bees and are not any more poisonous than regular honey bees but their aggressive nature means that they could cover your entire body and sting you again and again.

How Much Does A Professional Bee Removal Service Cost?

It’s important to not forget that bees actually serve the environment by pollinating plants and flowers. Even so, they can be problematic when near a home. The actual cost to have a professional company come out to remove them will vary based on location and other factors but basic cost starts around $200.

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