How To Remove A Swarm Of Bees

The agglomeration in a honeycomb often leaves little room for reproduction, so some bees form a “swarm,” come together and go their home, to find a new home. Trabajadores, zangamos and a queen form a swarm. To remove the crowd that has settled in your house, you can follow these steps.


Remove the bees without damaging them. The insecticides kill them, so first put on protective clothing and guide the insects to the bee trap. You can do this better at night when the bees are less active.

  1. If the first step did not give results, or if you do not want to try it, you can use an insecticide to eliminate the bees. You can buy the poison and do it yourself, or you can hire a professional.
  2. You can also drown the bees in a mixture of soap and water. Spray the insects with the dough to prevent them from flying. Continue spraying until you have sunk.
  3. If you have followed steps 2 and 3, you must get rid of dead bees to prevent them from coming into contact with other animals and humans.

Few surprises are more unpleasant than finding a somewhere in the house. The balcony may be a place susceptible to its appearance, but maybe in the most unpredictable situations, such as the heater. To proceed with its elimination, it is necessary to consider a measure in which there is no danger of provoking the bees to avoid their subsequent attacks.

The solution will be very simple and consists of starting the bee with a palette, but taking into account a small detail. It is very advisable not to do it in sunny hours. In this way, the honeycomb will be pulled out during the night, at which time the bees are inactive and probably will not attack. To ensure that no insect will leave its bee with evil intentions any insecticide can be used, with which it will be stunned, and its elimination will be more natural.

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