Natural Remedy To Eliminate The Bees Of Your House

Bees can survive and adapt to any place … even in your laundry room! Luckily chasing them away is a piece of cake. Even more, if you use one or another home remedy that will disappear them in two by three!

If there are any insects that I can not stand, it’s the bees. And I’ve heard so many stories-if they sting if they give allergies if they kill-I prefer to have them far from my home. However, these animals “invite themselves” everywhere and end up forming their home where they should least.

It is also true that bees do not attack if they are not bothered but with a small child at home and three cats, it is better to be safe than sorry. My solution? A natural recipe that will get these inopportune guests without the danger of stinging, also makes your home smells delicious! You will be surprised with the results.

Natural Remedy For Bees To Leave


2 cups of pure Vodka One tablespoon of citronella Ten drops of orange oil Ten drops of almond oil Ten drops of eucalyptus oil Ten drops of lemon oil Ten drops of rosemary oil


– Mix all the ingredients in a spray bottle.

-It used in the places where they have formed their nest or see them flying. Make sure you cover each hole, windows, air ducts, porch, etc. Repeat the process every night before going to bed.

-The bees are sensitive to strong odors, especially to extracts and essential oils. This mixture is practically a time bomb for them!

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